CRATUS Technology: IoT-ifying Product Development

CIO VendorZeki Gunay, CEO
With a sole aim to create intelligent sensing solutions and systems, CRATUS, based in the heart of Silicon Valley, has been transforming the hyper-connected business world across highly growing markets. Aiming to thrive in the $235 Billion IoT industry, CRATUS is fashioning itself to ‘IoT-ify’ industrial products with innovative applications by developing sensor-centric products.

As the IoT wave is fueling innovation in various operations in the business sphere, it is imperative for companies to have design and engineering in place to build smart products in the face of complexities. Addressing this need, “Whether it is industrial, consumer, medical or civil infrastructure, CRATUS provides product development services for companies having limited engineering teams, bridging the existing gaps of niche know-how and talent,” begins Zeki Gunay, CEO, CRATUS.

The array of CRATUS’s services cover “soup to nuts” elements of product development—from concept to market with industrial design to mechanical and electronic design— combined with cutting edge firmware and software development, server tools and mobile or web applications. The sensor-centric product development company has etched its prowess in creating IoT applications, spanning wearables, consumer electronics, sporting equipment, medical, agriculture, and more. “We enable connectivity for sensors, single board computers, gateways, and items. We place wireless interfaces and communications to any object which you can think about—from a hammer to a water bottle or a concrete wall to medical equipment,” explains Gunay.

Speaking of connecting hardware platform to unique applications in an industrial setting, Gunay points out, “Each machine has unique I/O and a diverse set of interfaces which needs monitoring.

CRATUS provides product development services for companies having limited engineering teams, bridging the existing gaps of niche know-how and talent

The gateway manufacturers, having developed their products for broad market adoption cannot cater to each and every application by customizing their broad market hardware solution to the unique needs of the given application.” This is where CRATUS steps in and looks at the market, application by application, developing a universal solution for each instance of an application, in a hardware agnostic fashion.

Additionally, the firm also assists clients in efficient data delivery to servers for analytics and storage. “We build testers to detect and monitor manufacturing issues to identify any changes out of the ordinary pattern in yields or performance,” states Gunay. Throwing more light on the functioning of the firm’s test systems, Gunay draws in an instance where a manufacturer wanted to measure the strength and radial magnetic field uniformity. “We developed a wirelessly connected magnet tester system which collected data on a cloud server and presented it to the customer independent of the location of the tester and the customer. This was very much in line with the grain and spirit of IoT,” explains Gunay. The tester now assists the client to identify the units which would fail on the field, even before they are manufactured, saving time, resources, and money.

With a passion to reincarnate ‘things’ as the Internet of Things, Gunay is a rare combo of forward thinking, instinctive decision-making, technical and business knowledge, steering CRATUS to stellar heights. Fostering close partnerships with contract manufacturers, semiconductor, and component suppliers, CRATUS looks forward to foray into industrial automation and manufacturing space. “Industry 4.0 will change how the world manufactures goods. This will be huge and we are determined to play a big role in this global transformation,” concludes the CEO.