Jasper Technologies: A Control Center to Leveraging Automation

CIO VendorJahangir Mohammed, Founder & CEO
The burgeoning influx of smartphones and digital devices across various industries adds credence to the ongoing Internet of Things (IoT) evolution. Yet, a recent survey by the American Society of Quality (ASQ) suggests that nearly 87 percent of the manufacturers have not yet taken full advantage of IoT to transform their facilities. While almost 82 percent of the remaining 13 percent survey participants who implemented IoT solutions reportedly saw increased efficiencies in their process and about 49 percent of them experienced fewer product defects. To sum it up, a large number of firms today are willing to capitalize, leverage, and invest in the IoT services to transform their current processes and attain thorough automation through IoT. Cisco’s newly acquired $1.4 billion company, Jasper Technologies is targeting to revamp the industries with the adoption of machine to machine and IoT devices. “The IoT is powerful beyond limit, and analysts predict that 20-30 billion "things" will be connected to the internet by 2020,” begins Jahangir Mohammed, Founder and CEO, Jasper Technologies.

Established in Santa Clara, CA, Jasper provides a cloud-based IoT service platform—Control Center which assists in catering IoT services to enterprises and service providers. The platform efficiently capitalizes on IoT and maximizes clients’ results throughout various stages involved in the IoT service lifecycle—Launch, Manage, and Monetize. “Jasper Control Center optimizes and automates every stage of the IoT service lifecycle, enabling enterprises to get the most out of their devices, networks, and applications,” explains Jahangir. From an enterprises’ perspective, Control Center accelerates and scales the duration while implementing IoT services and ensures higher service reliability with dynamic intelligence and monitoring of changing network conditions. “The automation achieved through Control Center gives businesses the ability to gather and convert information into insights to help users take necessary actions in real time,” reflects Jahangir.

The automation achieved through Control Center gives businesses the ability to gather and convert information into insights to help users take necessary actions in real time

Jasper’s Control Center IoT platform and its services can be extensively deployed to help users across industries—connected cars, mobile enterprises, industrial equipment, retail and payment solutions, security, and logistics to effectively optimize the power of automation. For instance, ABB, a supplier of industrial robots and modular manufacturing systems installed more than 250,000 robots and offers a wide portfolio of services—ranging from implementation, installation and setup, to continuous equipment monitoring, troubleshooting, diagnostics, and maintenance. The company deployed Jasper’s Control Center to monitor connections to its industrial robots for potential problems. Through constant analysis of information received from remote devices, ABB could anticipate the shortcomings. “We’ve developed a set of predictive KPIs, which we share with our customers to help them decide if their equipment requires maintenance,” affirms Jean-Christophe Alt, Project Manager at ABB Robotics Division in France. With Control Centers’ assistance, ABB could achieve efficient customer experience and reduce expensive production losses.

“As connected devices proliferate, industry leaders understand that the real value of the IoT is not in the devices themselves, it's in the services they enable, and the new, often recurring sources of revenue those services generate,” states Jahangir. For the future, IHS Quarterly expects 50 billion internet-connected devices by 2025. Additionally, IDC predicts the global market for IoT solutions will grow from $1.9 trillion in 2013 to $7.1 trillion in 2020. These statistics reflect that Jasper will be a key contributor towards the IoT revolution and Cisco’s recent acquisition of the company is just the beginning.