Novatel Wireless [NASDAQ:MIFI]: Reinventing Methods for a Connected World

CIO VendorSusan G. Swenson, Chairman & CEO
The growth of devices in a hyper connected world has charted a new beginning across industries, bolstering novel trends in the IoT (Internet of Things) segment with the development of cutting-edge solutions and methods for seamless communication. For businesses that are seeking to make IoT to work, the more data that is shared, the better it is for connectivity and collaboration. Yet, there exist an array of complexities encircling the task of connecting everything at the same time ensuring the security of data. Novatel Wireless [NASDAQ:MIFI], headquartered at San Diego, CA works towards simplifying the IoT goals of organizations. The firm’s solutions include a suite of software and turnkey products that are deployed by customers across multiple industries. “Novatel’s products and solutions provide communication and analytics for consumers anywhere, anytime,” says Susan G. Swenson, CEO of Novatel Wireless.

Since its inception, the company has been driving industry transformation and advancing technology with its strong and growing IP portfolio of hardware and software innovations for IoT reinventing the way the world remains connected. Its solution portfolio allows data transmission and services via cellular wireless networks. Further, Novatel’s product line comprises of MiFi mobile hotspots, embedded modules, universal serial bus (USB) modems, mobile tracking solutions, and asset tracking solutions. The company’s MiFi Intelligent Mobile Hotspots provides connectivity option for Wi-Fi-enabled devices, like iPad, Kindle, tablets, PCs, MP3 players, and gaming devices. MiFi’s Mobile Hotspots help in sharing and delivering ultra fast Wi-Fi speeds, GPS, media files and more to a number of Wi-Fi devices, thereby simplifying IoT.

Novatel also designs and develops machine-to-machine (M2M) wireless solutions based on third generation (3G) and fourth generation (4G) technologies. Novatel’s M2M products and solutions include M2M embedded modules; integrated M2M communications devices; and track fleet management, and vehicle telematics solutions. These M2M products allow devices to communicate with each other, server or cloud-based application infrastructure.

Novatel’s products and solutions provide communications and analytics for consumers anywhere, anytime

Additionally, the company specializes in offering vehicle tracking and diagnostics, fleet management, stolen vehicle recovery and security, asset tracking, and usage-based insurance markets. Aside its offerings, Novatel also provides managed services that include integration and design services—security and surveillance, asset management solutions, high-capacity wireless communications, fleet management and remote monitoring.

A multitude of clients have been benefited by collaborating with Novatel to fulfill their IoT goals and achieve complete connectivity. In one instance, Acumera, a provider of network management services approached the firm to help them in the implementation and management of a reliable and secure failover system. With Novatel’s tools and applications the customer was given the needed aspects to support their IT, to make the system implementation smoother, as well as handle the full lifecycle of the solution. “In today’s data driven environment, businesses require resilient, redundant network solutions that allow them to remain operational in the event of an outage,” adds Susan. With Novatel’s solutions, customers are guaranteed with uninterrupted connectivity and communication.

At present, Novatel layer best-in-class security, reliability, and support into a powerful networking solution that meets the demands of the IoT. The company looks forward to continue to define the future of mobile broadband by maintaining their focus on developing the best, most secure user experience, thus bringing IoT to life.